Having dental insurance benefits is great, but they’revirtually worthless if they aren’t put to use. If you’re behind on visitingyour dentist for preventive care or you have unfinished dental work, this is acritical time of year to take action. Why now, though? A local dentist explainswhy you should have a sense of urgency about taking action and how you canmaximize your dental insurance before the year ends!

The Clock is Ticking

For most dental insurance plans, coverage renews at thestart of the new year. That means any remaining benefits from 2019 will be loston January 1st, 2020. Because you’re obligated to pay a deductiblebefore your dental insurance kicks in, which is typically around $50, anyunfinished dental work that you let carry over into the new year will requireyou to pay a new deductible. Thus, failing to get in for a visit is theequivalent of letting money go down the drain.

Are Americans Wasting Their Dental Insurance?

According to recent statistics, over 160 million Americanscurrently have dental insurance. Unfortunately, of that population, only 2.8%will maximize their coverage by the end of the year. With a typical planmaximum of $1,250 and an average usage of $323 per person, most Americans areleaving nearly $1,000 of dental care on the table.

Thankfully, the year isn’t over yet. There is still time totake action!

How Most Plans are Structured

The most common dental plan structure is 100-80-50. Thefollowing explains how the benefits are generally allocated:

  • Preventive Care – where dental insurancegets the most mileage, provides 100% coverage for at least one cleaning andexamination per year
  • Basic Care – for procedures like fillingsand root canals, the plan usually provides up to 80% coverage
  • Major Care – reserved for more complexforms of care like the placement of a dental crown, with up to 50% of the costcovered

The Other Benefits of Being Proactive

By taking action and visiting a local dentist, you can savemore than just money. You can also protect yourself from common issues relatedto dental negligence, like gum disease, chronic bad breath, tooth loss andother problems. In turn, you can save time and prevent any unnecessary suffering.

So to put your end of year dental insurance to good use,schedule a visit today. Your mouth and wallet will be happy that you did!

About the Author

Dr. Bryan C. Oyler is a graduate of Indiana University’s School of Dentistry. He has gone on to provide 25 years of dental care excellence to the Lawrenceburg community. Dr. Oyler understands that his patients lead busy lives, but he still encourages them to visit on a regular basis so he can help them manage their oral health while getting the most value from their dental insurance. He provides the best in dental care at Oyler Family Dentistry, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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