What are you afraid of? The dark? The boogeyman? Snakes? Filing your taxes? Or maybe you start to shake in your boots when it’s time for you to visit the dentist in Lawrenceburg. If you suffer from dentophobia, there’s no need to be ashamed — lots of people find that their palms sweat and their breath becomes shorter when they think about settling into that big chair at the dentist’s office. However, while we understand your fear, we still exhort you not to neglect oral healthcare. Your dentist can help you cope with your anxiety and keep your smile in great shape!

Why Regular Dental Visits Are So Important

Experts recommend that adults see a dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. There are several reasons why this preventive care is so vital:

  • Your dentist can spot problems early on. The last thing you want is for a little cavity to turn into a major hole in your tooth. Similarly, you don’t want a mild case of gingivitis to turn into a serious instance of advanced gum disease. Nipping such problems in the bud will save you from expensive (and potentially scary) procedures down the road.
  • Regular cleanings remove tartar and plaque. These icky substances that build up on your teeth lead to decay.
  • Your dentist can give you personalized recommendations for improving your oral hygiene routine at home. You might be diligent about brushing and flossing, but a professional can let you know if there is even more you can do to safeguard your chompers.

Coping With Dental Anxiety

Here are a few suggestions for soothing your dental anxiety:

  • Ask your spouse or a trusted friend to come with you to the appointment. They can be your rock of moral support.
  • Remind yourself why dental care is so vital.
  • Ask questions about your treatments; understanding what is going to happen could take away some of the scary mysteriousness behind dentistry.
  • Try to find a dentist whose personality and practice environment put you at ease.

Of course, sometimes moral support and a positive attitude aren’t enough to calm the raging tide of anxiety that you experience whenever you step into a dental office. In that case, you might ask your dentist serving Aurora if they offer sedation.

Sedation dentistry uses drugs to induce a feeling of relaxation and well-being while you’re getting your teeth worked on. There are different levels of sedation to fit different levels of anxiety. For example, if you just need something to take the edge off, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) might be appropriate. On the other hand, if you need something more powerful, oral conscious sedation might do the trick.

Afraid of the dentist? Instead of suffering in silence, ask your dental care provider for help to cope with your anxiety. They’ll be happy to do what they can to provide relief.

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