No one ever expects to experience a dental issue that requires immediate care, but it’s quite common. Although there’s never a good time to experience an oral health emergency, if it occurs during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can make the situation more stressful. Our office is open and rescheduling patients who have had to delay the care they need. We are also able to treat dental emergencies, like a broken crown. Our office has implemented new protocols to keep you safe while we fix your dental crown, so there’s no reason to worry.

Is My Dental Crown Failing?

Dental crowns are durable and can last for several yearswith the right care. Unfortunately, it will need to be replaced eventually. Besidesfalling off or having visual damage, there are signs your restoration isfailing, and you need to see a dentist, such as:

  • Pain or discomfort of the crowned tooth.
  • Inflammation in the mouth near the crown.
  • Feeling like the crown is loose.

Can I Wait to See a Dentist?

If you’re like many people, you’ve been avoiding going outin public to combat the spread of COVID-19. As businesses reopen, like ourdental office, it’s normal to be concerned about your safety. As a result, youmight wait to have your crown fixed; however, waiting too long to see yourdentist can cause you to lose your tooth.

Whether the crown has fractured, come loose, or fallen off,your tooth is at risk of additional damage. The barrier of protection has beencompromised, allowing harmful plaque to attack it. Not to mention, thestructure of your tooth is weakened without the protection of the crown,increasing the likeliness of a break.

The longer you wait to see your dentist, the more likely alarger problem will occur. Instead, it’s best to see a dentist right away. Ifyou’re concerned about coronavirus, dental offices are some of the cleanest placesyou can go. For extra precaution, our office has implemented the latestCOVID-19 safety protocols to ensure your wellness.

What Should I Do If My Crown Needs to be Fixed?

If you’re having signs of a failing crown, you need to seeyour dentist soon. Although you won’t need an emergency visit, it’s essentialyou have an appointment within the next few days. If your crown falls offcompletely or you’re in pain, you need to contact our office right away. Whileyou wait for your visit, keep your tooth clean and use over-the-counter painrelievers to manage any discomfort.

Don’t Wait to Fix Your Crown

Our office uses same-daytechnology to replace your crown in a single visit. This saves time andmoney while also reducing your exposure to COVID-19.

About Dr. Brian C. Oyler

For over 2 decades, Dr. Oyler hasprovided exceptional services using the latest technologies, like E4Ddentistry. He strives to provide a clean environment helping his patients achievesuperior dental health. If you need to have a crown replaced, don’t wait to contact our office for anappointment.

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