Your cosmetic and sedation dentist in Lawrenceburg, IN, Dr. Brian Oyler, wants his patients calm and relaxed during their treatments. From simple hygienic cleanings to root canal therapy to dental implants to crown and bridge to extractions, sedation dentistry relieves dental anxiety so patients achieve and maintain their best oral and systemic health.

What causes dental fear?

People experience dental phobia in varying degrees. Some individuals just get those pre-appointment butterflies in their stomachs. Others can’t sleep or have sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat.

Still others are so nervous they cannot go to the dentist at all, much to the detriment of their teeth and gums. In fact, the British Dental Health Foundation says that a full 36 percent of people in developed countries don’t see their dentists because they are afraid. Overall health becomes damaged, too, as gum disease, with its bacteria and inflammation, seems linked to diabetes, heart disease and other serious problems.

People get dental phobia because of:

  • Past bad experiences at the dentist
  • Claustrophobia
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Sensitive gag reflexes
  • Difficulty sitting still for extended periods of time
  • Feeling a loss of control

What can be done?

Dental fear is best treated by facing it with a compassionate and skilled general dentist such as Dr. Oyler. His great listening skills and patient-centered teaching may be enough to get the anxious patient relaxed and ready to begin routine treatment.

Additionally, Dr. Oyler and his team offer sedation dentistry options that quell fear. Beyond simple pain shots to numb areas for fillings or crowns, Dr. Oyler delivers nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas because it makes people feel almost euphoric, giddy and giggly. Fear really melts away as the gas, mixed with oxygen, is administered through a comfortable nasal mask. Patients are awake and responsive to commands, and they can drive home after their treatments.

Oral conscious sedation provides deeper relaxation. While many people stay awake after taking Valium, Ativan or Halcion in pill form, others drift off to sleep. They awaken with a gentle shake and find their treatments completed. A friend or loved one must drive the patient home from his or her procedures.

Dr. Brian Oyler and his staff carefully check their patient’s medical history, current medications and allergies before they administer nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Through sedation dentistry procedures, they monitor level of consciousness, anxiety and vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate and respirations).

Often, as patients receive treatment at Brian C. Oyler Family Dentistry, they find they are more relaxed than they ever thought they could be. And, they experience the best dental health of their lives.

Consult your Lawrenceburg, IN sedation dentist

Dr. Oyler and his dedicated team help fearful patients feel better. If you need a relaxed dental experience, call the office today for a sedation dentistry consultation.

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