Want to make 2019 the bestyear yet for your teeth and gums? Brush 2-3 times a day, floss at least onceper day, eat a sensible diet, and see your dentistin Lawrenceburg for regular exams and cleanings.

It’s also important to exercise,get plenty of rest, avoid tobacco, and reduce the amount of stress in yourlife. In this post we’ll look at each of these tips in a little more detail,giving you the knowledge you need to safeguard not only your oral health butyour entire body.

The Tooth Care “Big Three”

Accomplishing any goal startsby paying attention to the fundamentals. When it comes to enjoying healthyteeth and gums, this means focusing on these three essentials:

  1. Regular brushing. Mostdentists recommend brushing after every meal, although twice a day is usuallysufficient. You should use a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste with theADA seal of acceptance on the product label. Brush for a full two minutes eachtime, taking care to clean every surface of your teeth.
  2. Daily flossing. Eventhe most thorough brushing will never remove food particles between your teeth,which is why flossing is so important. You’ll find floss strings on the marketin various widths and with wax coatings for your comfort.
  3. Seeing your dentist twice a year. Brushing and flossing can never remove all the plaqueand tartar on your teeth; that takes professional cleaning. Seeing your dentistalso allows him or her to catch oral health problems before they turn into seriousconditions.

Added Tips for Healthy Teeth and a Healthy Body

Want to enhance not only yourdental health but your overall well-being? Check out these otherrecommendations:

  • Exercise. Ahealthy body is better able to care for all its parts, including the teeth andgums. Remember to check with your doctor or other healthcare provider beforestarting any exercise program.
  • Reduce stress. Studiesshow that prolonged stress can have devastating consequences for your health.People who are chronically overstressed are at much greater risk for problemslike heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Effective ways to manage stressinclude meditation, systematic relaxation, and taking up a relaxing hobby.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Did you know that your teeth are living organisms? It’s true.Inside each tooth is a complex series of blood vessels that deliver nourishmentto the surrounding cells. For the system to work properly, you must eat foodsthat are high in protein and complex carbs and low in sugars and simplestarches.
  • Get plenty of rest. Walking around sleep deprived puts a strain on your entire system.It takes a refreshened body to repair damage and keep every organ working itsbest.
  • Avoid tobacco and vaping products. Smoking erodes tooth enamel, interferes with your body’sability to absorb nutrients, and greatly increases your risk of cancer. Talk toyour dentist about new medicines that can help you to kick the habit.

Make 2019 your best year yetby following the tips in this post. Come 2020, you’ll look back with a proudsmile on all that you’ve accomplished.

About the Author

Dr. Brian C Oyler has beenpracticing dentistry in Lawrenceburg for almost 25 years. He earned his DDSdegree from Indiana University’s School of Dentistry in Indianapolis and workedfor years under Dr. Ford before taking over the practice. You can reach hisoffice online or bycalling (812) 221-1014.

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