Have you had a painful experience that has made you fear visiting the dentist? Maybe you dread getting bad news about your oral health? Whatever the reason—you’re not alone. Many people don’t look forward to visiting the dentist, even though dental visits play a major part in reaching optimal health. This fact is more than just unfortunate, it can be dangerous. Oyler Family Dentistry has a sedation dentist in Lawrenceburg. We can provide sedation services that can make the thought of visiting your dentist much more enjoyable.

Would I benefit from sedation dentistry?

If trips to the dentist make you anxious or nervous, we can help you get the dental care you deserve. Oyler Family Dentistry understands that about 75% of the American population experiences some level of dental anxiety, whether it’s minor or severe. Our friendly staff has the tools and knowledge to help you overcome your dental phobia. Communicating with either of our dentists, Dr. Oyler or the newest member of our team, Dr. Shartzer, is the first step to restoring your oral health. This way, we can determine how severe your dental anxiety is and the best service option for you to experience an anxiety-free dental appointment.

What sedation options are available?

Don’t postpone your dental care any longer. Take advantage of our expertise and advances in modern medicine with our two sedation options: oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide.

  • Oral conscious sedation is usually best for patients with severe dental anxiety or people undergoing long procedures. Oral sedation relieves anxiety with a safe, prescribed sedative that helps patients to relax. Your level of anxiety helps your dentist to determine dosage, so open communication is important. This also determines your level of consciousness during the appointment. Some patients become so relaxed that they drift off into a restful sleep during their procedure, recalling little to nothing about the dental procedure.
  • Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas. This is a lighter option of sedation dentistry that is appropriate for all ages, even children. Each patient is seated in one of our comfortable dental chairs and you will then be administered the sedative through a face mask. One of our office team members controls the amount of gas to ensure your safety. Then, one of our dentists will be able to perform the dental work you need while you are in a relaxed state. This form of sedation is so mild that most patients can drive after their appointment, continuing their daily lives as normal.

Are you interested in making an appointment?

Is your dental health declining because you still haven’t made that very necessary office visit? Fear no more! Oyler Family Dentistry has the safe, soothing sedation services you need to maintain your healthy smile. Call today to schedule a consolation with one of our knowledgeable sedation dentists.

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