Since Christmas is just a around the corner, here are some ideas for those stockings hanging above the fireplace.

Oral-B Professional Care Series Electric Toothbrush – Electric toothbrushes are one item that I believe you get what you pay for. If you are going to get one, it’s worth spending a little extra for a good one.

AirFloss made by Sonicare – Is it better than flossing? Probably not. Are you more likely to actually use it? Absolutely. And for all the “floss-slackers” out there, something is 100% better than nothing. This is a cool product.

ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Rinse – Great product for fighting cavities

Trident Xtra Care Sugar-Free Gum containing Recaldent – Chewing gum can actually be good for you!

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle – Why? Because all of us need to be drinking more water! It’s good for your teeth. It’s good for your gums. It’s good for your body. Water is very good for us and we don’t drink enough. Less softdrinks….more water.

Firefly Light-Up Children’s Toothbrush – It’s a toy, no it’s a toothbrush. Well, it’s kind of both. They have all different characters…superheroes, Barbies, Hot Wheels, etc and they light up! Your kids might actually enjoy brushing properly. Establish good habits young.

Orabrush Tongue Brush – as Orabrush says, “90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue”. While that number is a little debatable, there is a lot of funky bacteria on your tongue. Why wouldn’t you clean that thing off?

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