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Dental Implant Placement

If you’ve chosen to replace missing teeth with dental implant supported crowns, bridges, or dentures, you may be wondering what to expect during your surgical dental implant placement procedure. Until recently, the Oyler Family Dentistry team referred patients to a local oral surgeons or periodontists for this part of the tooth replacement process. However, Dr. Alison Blesser Shartzer has completed advanced training and gained experienced in dental implant placement through participation in the prestigious Engel Implant Institute. In addition to this advanced training, Dr. Shartzer is using the innovative Dentsply Astra dental implants and placement system, which improves the rate of successful implantation and offers safe, effective tooth replacement for more patients than ever before. Best of all, our Lawrenceburg dental patients can now receive every aspect of implant-retained tooth replacement in our comfortable, familiar dentistry practice.

Tooth Replacement Consultation

Before we recommend any treatment, we start with a consultation. During this visit, we’ll examine your current state of oral health, discuss your oral and overall health history, and talk about past surgical experiences. If we determine dental implants are a good option for you, we will provide all the information you need to decide whether to move forward with implant supported tooth replacement or choose a different solution.

Dentsply Astra Implants

Our unique, innovative dental implant system, Dentsply Astra, makes planning, placing, and restoring dental implants a breeze. These customized implant posts and surgical placement systems offer increased success rates and more natural looking and feeling results. The key is in the crown down design. Rather than molding your restoration to fit the implant post, a dental implant is crafted to fit your flawless restoration.

The Dental Implant Placement Process

The dental implant placement process is much simpler than it sounds. We make a small incision in the gums. Then, the implant post is inserted directly into the jawbone. A protective cap is placed over the top of the implant to allow the post to fuse with the supportive structures while preventing gum tissue from healing over the top of the implant post. Following dental implant placement, you’ll need to wait three to six months for the implant to fuse fully with the jawbone.

Dental Restoration Options

Once dental implants fuse with the jawbone, the Oyler Family Dentistry team will get to work designing and crafting a flawless, custom dental restoration that will be attached to these implant posts. Dental implants can be used to support any number of replacement teeth including:

To further streamline the implant restoration process, we can use our E4D one visit dental restoration system to craft crowns and bridges that can be designed, crafted, and anchored to implant posts in just one appointment.