E4D One Visit Dentistry

How does E4D work?

  • Scanning – E4D allows our team to take multiple scans of the tooth or teeth in need of help, creating detailed impressions that are completely digital and free of messy or uncomfortable materials.
  • Designing – Once we have the information about your unique smile, Dr. Oyler uses 3D imaging software to design a custom crown, inlay, or onlay that’s a perfect fit, right down to the littlest details.
  • Milling – After the design is complete, our milling system takes over, creating the finished product in around 15 minutes. Then, all that’s left to do is placing the restoration in the patient’s mouth and ensuring they’re fully satisfied with the results!

Tooth-Colored Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are designed to replace only a portion of a tooth instead of the entire structure like a dental crown. With the revolutionary assistance of E4D, Dr. Oyler can create beautiful, strong restorations that blend right into the tooth. In addition to their aesthetic quality, porcelain inlays and onlays are more biocompatible and comfortable than their traditional counterparts, which means that even patients with sensitivities to metallic materials can enjoy them.

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Metal-Free Crowns

Older patients are surely familiar with the gold and silver crowns that have been commonplace for years. Thankfully, metal-free crowns are now available to restore your functional, natural-looking smile, and it’s easier than ever for our team to create them with E4D. Dr. Oyler relies on these custom porcelain crowns to restore dental implants, rebuild lost tooth structure after root canal procedures, and even solve purely cosmetic issues like misshapen teeth or an uneven bite.

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