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Revamp Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

If your teeth are decayed, broken, worn or missing, you may not smile with confidence and oral function may be impaired. We encourage you to seek a comprehensive treatment plan, called full-mouth reconstruction, to restore oral health. You will feel better emotionally and physically with a strong, healthy smile.

Full-mouth reconstruction helps Dr. Oyler reach his goal of complete oral healthcare in a caring environment. We listen to your concerns and perform a comprehensive exam that enables us to design a custom treatment plan that puts you back on track to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Your full-mouth reconstruction may involve fillings, crowns, or inlays and onlays. He may also suggest replacing teeth with dental implants or dentures and partials. If gum disease or TMJ dysfunction have compromised oral health, Dr. Oyler suggests appropriate corrective therapy so dental work is constructed on a solid foundation. Cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening and bonding, put the finishing touches on your spectacular, new smile!

Talk to Dr. Oyler about improving your health with full-mouth reconstruction. Our Lawrenceburg dental office treats patients from Greendale, Aurora, Bright, and beyond.