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TMJ Therapy in Lawrenceburg

Headaches, migraines, and jaw pain are common problems that plague the American population. As an experienced general dentist, Dr. Oyler finds the source of pain and may be able to alleviate it with simple, non-surgical therapies. For many, pain in the head, neck, jaw, mouth, and shoulders stems from TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints, the joints that connect the jaw to the temporal bone of the skull, which are located in front of the ears. The joints are part of a complex system of muscles and ligaments. TMJ joints are sensitive to physical, emotional, and psychological stress, and even the smallest change in eating habits or a little added pressure may cause the whole system to malfunction.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder include facial, neck, and shoulder pain, earaches, dizziness, teeth sensitivity, jaw clicking or popping, teeth grinding (bruxism), and difficulty opening and closing the mouth.

If, after a comprehensive examination, Dr. Oyler finds that you suffer from TMJ disorder, he will develop a treatment plan to help alleviate stress and reset your jaw to its optimal position. Dr. Oyler uses state-of-the art technology to determine your jaw’s natural, comfortable resting position. He may design a custom mouthguard to realign the jaw joints or restore your teeth to reposition how the jaw sits when closed. TMJ therapy performed by an experienced general dentist such as Dr. Oyler may ease the nagging pain that detracts from your quality of life.

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