Dentistry has been at the forefront of pain relief discovery for years. It’s always been dentists mission to provide comfortable dental care. This is especially important if a patient is needing extensive dental work like a root canal or dental implants placed. A lot of times, patients avoid their dental appointments and put themselves in worse oral health situations. It’s unfortunate, but Dr. Oyler is still here to provide serious dental care like oral surgery when your dental health starts to plummet. If you’re needing extensive dental work like dental implants in Lawrenceburg, visit Oyler Family Dentistry to benefit from sedation dentistry by making your dental appointments much more relaxed.

Dental Anxiety is Real

Anxiety is one of the most common problems that all health professionals see. In fact, it’s made America’s top 10 phobia list in the past. Despite our efforts to combat the whole, “dentists are the bad guy” stereotype, there are still some patients that struggle with dental phobia. Bad dental experiences don’t always cause dental phobia either. Dental fear could be a snowball of fear of being trapped, getting an injection, or having your personal space invaded.

Understanding the root of a patient’s dental phobia is important to determining whether their fear of the dentist is minor or severe. By having an open conversation with your dentist about your dental fears, our office will be able to assist you with sedation dentistry that will relax you enough to receive the dental care your smile needs and deserves. This is especially important if you are needing to receive a lot of dental work or oral surgery.

Sedation Offered by Oyler Family Dentistry

If you have a history of canceling appointments with your dentist in Lawrenceburg, you could be severely affecting your health. Dr. Oyler is a sedation dentist that’s ready to help you overcome your dental fears. With our comprehensive sedation dentistry options, you can finally get the dental care you need whether it be dental implants, extractions, or even root canal therapy.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Doesn’t “laughing gas” sound so much more inviting than a dental drill? If you have mild dental anxiety, discuss nitrous oxide with your dentist. Dr. Oyler can safely monitor the dosage in our office. Besides working quickly, it wears off quickly. Laughing gas is so light that you’re able to continue the rest of your day uninterrupted as soon as your dental appointment is completed.

Oral Sedation

We wouldn’t compare the strength of this sedative to general anesthesia, but oral conscious sedation is a heavier sedative than laughing gas. Dr. Oyler will administer a monitored amount of medication to help you feel a little drowsy. In some cases, patients can even fall asleep for the whole dental visit. After the sedative has worn off when their dental appointment is complete, the patient typically will have a numb mouth but still be alert and responsive as normal.

Receive the Dental Care You Need and Deserve

We’re able to care for a wider variety of patients by offering sedation dentistry in our practice. Don’t postpone necessary dental care any longer. Take advantage of your sedation dentist’s services by making an appointment today!

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